TWIN PACK Sweet Almond and |Grapeseed carrier oil 250mlx2


TWIN PACK CARRIER OILS ~Sweet Almond-Expressed from the seed of the sweet almond rather than the bitter almond, a pure, 100% natural product. ~ Sweet Almond Oil protects and nourishes the skin. Helps to soften wrinkles. Moisturises dry skin, but good for all skin types. ~ Compared to other carrier oils, sweet almond has a medium viscosity, good for all round massage. Excellent to help strengthen nails.~Contains Vitamins A, B1, B2 and B6. It has a small amount of vitamin E, which helps to keep it reasonably well.****Caution** Do not use if you have a nut allergy. ~(Vitis vinifera) – is extracted from grape seeds, which are washed, ground and pressed. It is a vegetable oil pressed from the seeds of various varieties of Vitis vinifera grapes, (a by-product of winemaking). The oil is then refined to produce a light and highly moisturising oil. It is rich in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids. Not only is the oil enriched with fatty acid properties but in addition it contains linoleic acid (omega 6 essential fatty acid), and also oleic acid making it a very stable oil. The oil absorbs very quickly into the skins pores making this excellent oil for a variety of skin care applications, especially when used as base carrier oil for essential oils. It helps to moisturise the skin and give it a smooth appearance. Grapeseed oil is a preferred cosmetic ingredient for damaged and stressed tissues because it possesses regenerative and restructuring qualities, which allow a better control of re-hydration of the skin. Grapeseed Oil contains a high percentage of linoleic acid and some vitamin E, (an antixodant, which helps the shelf life) It is a sweet smelling oil with a slightly nutty aroma and it is non greasy and light in texture. These base carrier oils are perfect for blending your own massage or bath oils or equally can be used on their own. Packaged in 250ml clear pet bottles with pump dispensers for ease of use