About us

The Story of Aromabar

Aromabar was the brainchild of Cathy Grant, who lived in Barrhead, Glasgow with her husband and daughter.

The business started in a cupboard in their flat, much to the dismay of Cathy’s husband, Alan, and over 13 years grew into the booming business it is today.

Cathy loved the idea of setting up her own business and began selling sprigs of lucky white heather from the Scottish highlands. She later became interested in aromatherapy and massage through one of her friends, who was a qualified masseuse. This led her to become certified in making aromatherapy products and she was passionate about ensuring that they were all natural and high-quality. Alan and their daughter, Stephanie, assisted Cathy in preparing products to send to online customers.

Eventually, the business moved out of their house and into its own building, allowing Cathy to grow the business even more.

Family has always been at the heart of Aromabar and over the years many members of Cathy’s family have worked there, including her two sisters. Repeat customers comment on the quality of the products and the fantastic service received. Unfortunately, Cathy passed away in 2021 after a battle with breast cancer. Her husband and co-director, Alan, is currently running the business and has the same passion for providing natural aromatherapy products that Cathy always did.